Artist Conversation #1

Exhibition Information

Artist: Madeline Taylor

Exhibition: Organic Matter

Media: oil and acrylic paints on canvas

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Madeline_S_Taylor


About the Artist

LBSU undergraduate Madeline Taylor is working towards her BA degree in Studio Art. Her interests include painting, sculpting, and experimenting as a makeup artist. Taylor’s work explores abstract concepts with bright and interesting shapes.

Formal Analysis

This work caught my eye initially because of its size. With a canvas that almost reaches from ceiling to floor, the artist uses a plethora of curved, wavy lines to create a larger shape. Mostly monochromatic in color, the bright oranges and yellows contrast nicely with the smaller cooler toned portions of the painting, creating depth and volume. The shapes themselves are abstract and create variety for the viewer to enjoy.

Content Analysis

Though this work is very abstract on initial glance, I found myself drawn to it. Upon further inspection, I began to see the life that the artist was able to create on the canvas. The brighter colors emerge from the dark background showing life and positivity in the face of darkness and adversity. Everything started as a dark blob of matter, but life as we know it bloomed through and created thoughts and ideas.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Overall, this exhibition stuck out the most to me because of how interesting every single piece was. The colors and the shapes really resonated with me and were my favorite abstract works. The artist talked about how she likes to find the crazy things in nature to emulate in her works and I tend to do the same when I’m hiking. This exhibition was truly beautiful and I enjoy beautiful things that do not have a clear intended meaning.

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