Camera Story

On a hot day, Dylan bought a cold soda for refreshment.
He enjoyed drinking his Fanta while he laid out in the sun.
After a while, he decided to go to the water and brought his drink with him.
The rising tide knocked his bottle over and sent it reeling.
His bottle was then swept up by the waves and taken into the water.
Dylan saw that his bottle was floating in the water and picked it up because littering in the ocean is harmful to oceanic ecosystems.
So as not to waste, Dylan finished his soda.
When his drink was finished, he threw the bottle into a recycling bin to dispose of it properly.

I chose this story because while I was at the beach, I saw a ton of trash both on the shore and in the water. I think I did a pretty good job showing the proper life cycle of a bottle of soda (being recycled) rather than that bottle ending up as litter.

Individually, the best photo of the story would be the last picture because it tells the entire message that I am attempting to send– to recycle.

In contrast, the photo of the Fanta floating in the ocean is not great in itself, but it is needed in telling the whole story that I was telling with the pictures.

Next time, I would get an action shot of the bottle being thrown into the recycle bin.

In the future, another photo story I would want to tell would involve the endangerment of certain animal species due to the behavior and actions of the human race.

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