Artist Conversation #2

Exhibition information

Artist: Oscar Pearson

Exhibition: Near Far

Media: oil paint, canvas, charcoal

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery


Instagram: @oscarpearsonofficial

About the Artist

LBSU graduate student Oscar Pearson is working towards a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Pearson was born in San Luis Obispo, California, but now lives and works in Grover Beach, California. His interests involve drawing and painting works that inspire people to think and talk about deeper meanings.

Formal Analysis

The formal qualities of the first piece include a very bright color scheme. The artist did a very good job using shadows to contrast the highlights of the piece to create a life-like, three dimensional depth. The warm colors create a happy and peaceful tone. The floor of the bus is very roughly textured.

“This Train”

The formal qualities of the second piece include the very muted colors and monochromatic color scheme. The tone of this piece contrasts that of the first, leaving the viewer to feel weary and drained. The charcoal on canvas creates a very life-like portrayal of the boring and tired feeling people have while on a bus or train, waiting for their destination to arrive.

Content Analysis

Both of these pieces take place on public take place on modes of public transportation. I think that the artist chose to illustrate people in this way to be more true to life in its actuality. Rather than choosing a more glamorous, the artist chose to capture a mundane scene. This piece, to me, tell the audience to find beauty in daily life.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I was drawn to these painting immediately as I entered the gallery because they were directly across from the door. The painting and drawing looked so realistic that I was amazed that they were not photographs. I loved that the artist chose to just draws people on trains or buses because it shows truth. There are no poses or adjustments to what the artist saw in real life, and that really stuck out to me.

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