Counterfactual Identity


This week, we were tasked with dressing outside of our normal choices to see how people’s reactions and attitudes towards us would change.

Instead of going crazy with my outfit, I decided to dress more feminine and put-together than my usual.

People treated me the same as they normally do. For names, nobody guessed correctly, the most common being: Hailey, Sarah, Meagan, and Rose. To my surprise, one person guessed my major correctly because they thought that this sort of experiment related to a psychology project. Other majors that people guessed included art, nursing, or communications. In addition to these two questions, I asked the volunteers if they thought I participated in greek life. Although I am not in a sorority, half of the people I asked thought I could be.

My conclusions about this experiment were that it went pretty much as I expected it to. The names people picked for me were all pretty common names for white women, and the fact that I was dressed up probably led people to think I was in a sorority.

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