Artist Conversation #3

Exhibit Information

Artist: Sienna Browne

Exhibition: In class presentation

Media: oil paint, canvas


Instagram: @siennabrowneart

About the Artist

Student Sienna Browne is in her fourth year of the Drawing and Painting BFA program of Cal State University Long Beach. When she is not painting, drawing, or sculpting, Browne works as a Hunington Beach life guard. Her art has focused on issues of body dysmorphia and eating disorder in the past; however, her new art reflects life and how bodies react to nature and occupy space.

Formal Analysis

The formal qualities of this piece include a bright color scheme made of glow in the dark paint. The first two paintings in the series are monochromatic in color. The last painting includes bright yellow paint that contrasts the other two. The painting also consist of many squiggly lines that make abstract shapes that hide the figures of human faces throughout.

Content Analysis

Though abstract, these paintings very clearly depict both human forms and oceanic animal forms. This painting explores the relationship between humans and nature (how we react to and relate with nature). The use of the glow in the dark paint is to replicate the bioluminescent nature of deep see creatures. These pieces are a call to humanity to clean the seas for the betterment of the environment.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I thought this was the best week of artist conversations because it was very engaging. The artist actually wanted to talk to the class and share with us her art, and I really appreciated that. I personally really loved all of the pieces she showed us and thought that her style was very interesting to look at.

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