Romantic Pop Song

1. In this song, I was trying to channel typical romantic pop songs about love.

2. The process I used was similar to writing poetry, in that I rhymed the ends of the lines.

3. This activity seemed harder than it actually was before I started. When I started thinking of the song more as a poem, it became much easier to write.

4. My song was successful, I think, but I also think it could have been more successful if I had more song writing experience.

5. I do not think I would ever want to write another song.

6. If I had to write another song, I would probably write it about heartbreak.


Verse 1:

I feel the touch

But it’s a temporal thing

I see in those eyes

That you know it stings

But what else can we do?

I know I feel it in you

You’re leaving tomorrow, alright

But tomorrow’s tomorrow, and tonight is so right


So put your hand on mine

And hear the wind whistle through the pines

Ignite the warmth inside

As the doves reign in the sunrise

It’s a natural symphony

And baby, it’s for you and me

Verse 2:

The sun is on rise

But please don’t close your eyes

I see the tears on your cheek you try hard to hide

But let the run, as they run down mine

We don’t have much time

Let’s not retreat inside

Look to the horizon, can’t you see?

Time won’t stay forever, not even for me




You’ve got your doubts

And I’ve got em too

But put them aside

And share in our last moment as two



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