Artist Conversation #4

Exhibit Information

Artist: Mahsa Soroudi

Exhibit: YouTube/Nature’s Cadence

Media: photography


About the Artist

Mahsa Soroudi is an expatriate artist born in Tehran, Iran. Now located in California for the last three years, she has been exploring the ideas of nature and our relationship to nature in her project “Nature’s Cadence.” One of her hobbies includes growing succulents.

Formal Analysis

This picture has qualities of depth. The nature is in the background, obstructed by the blurry black bars of window blinds. The black lines create contrast to the peaceful nature background.

Content Analysis

I think this piece describes how the artist feels regarding her home country. In the interview she spoke lengths about missing Iran and wanting to go home. The way this picture is taken creates a feeling of longing to go outisde, expressing the artists longing to return to where she is from.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I think the format of this artist conversation was pretty nice because it allowed for the artist to really dive into their projects. During the in person conversations, the artists seemed to rush the interview to move on with their lives. For this reason, the format of this artist conversation was very nice.

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