Graffiti Name

Pencil Sketch
Black outline
Finished Product
Meet the artist

This week we were tasked with writing our names in graffiti. This was probably one of my favorite assignments this semester because of all of the possibilities. After looking through hundreds of Google images, I selected a graffiti letter style that I liked and began to sketch. After I adjusted the pencil sketch to look the way I wanted it to, i made an outline in sharpie in order to have clean lines. Next, I colored in the details with a yellow highlighter to add affect to my letters. I used a light blue marker to color in the letters, and then I colored over the bottom portion of the letter again in order to make a subtle color gradient. Finally, I thickened the black lines in order to make the letters look a little more three dimensional.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable little art experience, and I loved the process of this drawing. If I were to do it again, I would probably change the shape of my “L” to make it look like less of a “Z”.

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