Artist Conversation #5

Artist information Artist name: Kiyomi Fukui Website: Email: Instagram: @kiyomimiz Medium: paper mache and plants About the artist Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese-American artist living and working in Long Beach, California. She has recieved a MFA in Printmaking at CSULB and a BFA in Graphic Design at La Sierra University. She often dabblesContinue reading “Artist Conversation #5”

Sustainable Art Project

Ephemeral: lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory. My goal here was to draw inspiration from the Buddhists belief that art should be made and then promptly destroyed. Although the Buddhists performed their art in the form of sand shapes in zen gardens, my eggs and toast also disappeared quickly, and therefore could not beContinue reading “Sustainable Art Project”

Artist Conversation #4

Exhibit Information Artist: Mahsa Soroudi Exhibit: YouTube/Nature’s Cadence Media: photography Website: About the Artist Mahsa Soroudi is an expatriate artist born in Tehran, Iran. Now located in California for the last three years, she has been exploring the ideas of nature and our relationship to nature in her project “Nature’s Cadence.” One of herContinue reading “Artist Conversation #4”

Artist Conversation #3

Exhibit Information Artist: Sienna Browne Exhibition: In class presentation Media: oil paint, canvas Website: Instagram: @siennabrowneart About the Artist Student Sienna Browne is in her fourth year of the Drawing and Painting BFA program of Cal State University Long Beach. When she is not painting, drawing, or sculpting, Browne works as a Hunington BeachContinue reading “Artist Conversation #3”

Counterfactual Identity

This week, we were tasked with dressing outside of our normal choices to see how people’s reactions and attitudes towards us would change. Instead of going crazy with my outfit, I decided to dress more feminine and put-together than my usual. People treated me the same as they normally do. For names, nobody guessed correctly,Continue reading “Counterfactual Identity”

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